Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you photographing all of Rotterdam?

No, we are concentrating on the central postcodes within the ring road. We will post on the website which postcodes we are working on each month. Go to the RockinRotterdam Homepage to find the details.

2. Can anyone take pictures for this project?

Yes it isn't exclusive to the organising group. Members of the public are very welcome.

3. Do I need to have a special camera to take the photographs?

No. We do need good quality images but if you have a camera phone that takes high-quality JPEG images then that is good enough. Good quality also refers to originality and creativity, so try to be different.

4. How do I get the photographs to you?

You email them to
Please title them with the postcode, the name of the street the photograph was taken in and your name. So it should look like this:

  • 3011_Blaak_YourName.jpg.

If you cannot title the image in this way please give us the information in your email accompanying the photograph.

5. How often will you meet to take photographs?

A list of all dates is on both the home page and who are we page.
We will meet on the last Sunday of every month at a meeting point which will be announced on our website and on Meet Up.
The December meeting is moved to January 8th due to Christmas and New Year.

6. What will happen at a Meet Up?

You will be given a map of a postcode area, which you will be asked to shoot in. You may work on your own or with others if you choose.
Your Meet Up host will give you some instructions and their mobile number if you have questions.
You will be close enough to walk, or a bike would help you move around the area more quickly and easily.

7. Will it cost me anything to join the Meet Up?

No. We are not charging you for joining us on this project. Your only costs are your own transport to get you there and home again.

8. Can I only send you pictures that have been taken on a Sunday shoot?

No. You may send us images of streets at any time but please work only on the postcode areas within the ring road.
The website will tell you which areas we are working on. Go to our home page for more information.

9. What sort of photograph do you want me to take of the street?

Something of interest. Perhaps the street has an iconic piece of sculpture in it or interesting front doors. Maybe it has an unusual shop or wall art. But if all else fails we would accept a fairly ordinary picture of the street, even just the street sign.
We suggest that when you arrive at a street that to start you take a shot of the street sign. Then every photo you take after that you will know it was in that street. Then move on to the next street, shoot the sign and start again. When you get home and sort your images you will then be certain which street a photo was shot in. Only send one image per street please.

10. How will I know if somebody has already taken a photograph of a street?

If possible check the photo galleries on our web site, which are organised by postcode.
If somebody has already sent in a photograph we will put two up on the website, but when it comes to the exhibition then we will choose the best of the images.

11. Where will the exhibition be held?

The location of the exhibition is not known just yet. We are talking to different parties to find the best possible location.

12. Am I guaranteed to have a photograph in the exhibition?

Yes. If you contribute photographs to this project we guarantee you will have at least one shown in the exhibition.

13. Do I have to walk everywhere?

No, it would be a good idea to bring your bike. Those people who come with their bikes will get given the areas further away to go and shoot there. So whether you are walking or cycling is fine.

14. Can I take photographs with people in?

Yes. Providing you are not breaking any laws. Each photographer must take personal responsibility for this.
The organising group will accept no responsibility for what the photographer shoots.
If you are in any doubt visit this page on "Auteursrecht en Portretrecht" for information about photography in the streets in the Netherlands.

15. What happens if the Sunday you are meeting it is a rainy day?

We will meet regardless of whatever the weather. If the weather is extreme and travel is impossible then we will put a cancellation notice on the website and on Meet Up.

16. Who will retain the copyright of any photograph I take and send to you?

The copyright of your photographs remain yours.
However by submitting work to the website you are giving us your permission to publish this electronically or print it for the exhibition, or if we print a photo book.

17. Who are the organisers and how do I contact them?

The organisers of this project are The Royal Photographic Society - Benelux Chapter.
This is a UK based society with overseas members. For full information visit the web site of the Royal Photographic Society.

As the Benelux chapter we are a group of photographers who meet regularly with an aim to improving our photography.
If you wish to contact us for further information email us at

18. Can we participate as a Dutch Photoclub?

Yes, as a club or any other group like a neighbourhood club, you can organize your own photo trip in Rotterdam. However the results are submitted as individuals with reference to your Photoclub if you wish.

If you would like to do a Club project and take on your own postcode areas exclusively, then please contact the Rockin'Rotterdam organisers to arrange this. When we go to exhibition your club would then be credited with the photos from your postcode area. We would also link our web site to your club site in recognition.