Rockin' Rotterdam. The RPS Benelux Chapter Photography Project

All activity to take photos is now complete but we are working towards an exhibition in October 2017

"Rockin’ Rotterdam" is a photographic project where we have taken one creative or interesting photo in every street within the Rotterdam ring road.

The project is being organised by the Royal Photographic Society Benelux Group, but photos have been submitted not just from our members but absolutely anyone.  All 100+ of them. 

What sort of photos have we taken?

Just about anything creative and quirky – the more interesting we could make a street look the better:

  • The postman delivering the mail,
  • The local cat basking in the sun,
  • The buildings and characteristic architecture,
  • The people and their everyday activities,
  • The shops or a typical local store,
  • Street art.

Colour, mono, night time, day time, snow, fog, rain – it all adds to the variety.
The wider the variety of work we receive the better.

The Scope of the Project

We are defining the area as postcodes 30XX of Rotterdam that lie within the ring road. 

Meet ups (photo-walk)

We organised Sunday morning meetings for photographers to visit the streets to take the photos.  More than 100 people took part over the six months.
  • Meet UPs are now finished.

Collecting the photos

We have now closed the project from the point of view of taking new photos.  But we are working towards holding an exhibition of the images.

Some 4000+ images have been submitted. These can all be seen on this web site - follow the link at the top marked PHOTOS.  

At exhibition we will display one photo for each street.  This is around 2700+ images organised by postcode and with every street named and photographer acknowledged.  

Own a Postcode

Some individuals and camera clubs took ownership of an entire postcode and committed to taking all the photos in that area.  When these images are displayed in the exhibition then only their photos for the 'Own a Postcode' area will be displayed.  However the web site galleries contain all the photos taken for each postcode.  

Map of Completed Areas

Copyright statement

The photographer retains the copyright of any image they submit to Rockin’ Rotterdam. However by forwarding photos to us you are agreeing that we may upload them to our web site, use them in other Rockin’ Rotterdam communications such as Blogs or Social Media.

In addition, if and when we put on a Rockin’ Rotterdam exhibition, that we may print your submitted photo(s) for inclusion in the exhibition.

Rotterdam Council have asked to be permitted to use images from the collection.  Every photographer has been asked to agree to this - if you did not get an email then please contact us on    In addition it is the intention of the organisers to give the Council a copy of the full collection of images for their archives.  Again we have sought the agreement of photographers.  Copyrights will be respected. 

Images submitted must be your own work. Work submitted that is owned by others will not be accepted as there is then no guarantee they are giving their permission for us to use the work.

No fees will be charged or made for the use of your photos. Rockin’ Rotterdam organisers will not pass on your images to any third party without the copyright owners prior permission (see above in regard to the Council).


Anyone is welcome to join us at Rockin’ Rotterdam meetings. However the organisers will accept no responsibility for your safety whilst you are participating.

Every participant must take personal responsibility to stay within the law and respect the neighbours when out shooting images for the Rockin’ Rotterdam project.